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The most important thing to do to improve organisational performance

At ForeConsulting we frequently get approached by clients to provide advice and assistance in relation to improving organisational performance - it's one of our core areas of expertise and focus.

The conversation often starts with "we are about to start a restructure and we could do with some help". We all get that organisational structure is an important element of a well performing organisation, but the most important thing to do to improve organisational performance is consider the whole picture - we need to get all the key components of an organisation working well.

What are these and how to we get them working well? We use a couple of key tools and concepts with clients to think about and understand these. We then use a series of approaches and interventions to improve performance in the areas where it’s needed.

First, we use our high-performance organisation framework to check, define and develop:

- organisational purpose, vision and strategy;

- leadership capability, accountability and responsibilities; and

- levels of employee engagement and customer experience.

Then, we take these and work through the layers of an operating model – which is the way the organisation is set up to deliver on its purpose and vision. An operating model can be expressed in different ways, but it is often described in a number of layers or components.

Each client is different and so the components of the operating model are tuned for them, but they usually include:

- Customers and stakeholders;

- Services and products;

- People and culture;

- Technology and information;

- Processes; and

- Funding and governance.

Working through each of the components ensures that we don’t disproportionality focus on one element such as organisation structure, rather we methodically consider the whole picture. We get a clear picture of how the organisation is positioned, its ambition and what it needs to do to become or stay performing at a high level. Then we are able to identify and prioritise appropriate interventions in a considered way – and these generally don’t start nor end with restructuring activities.

So remember one thing, the most important thing, to improve organisational performance consider the whole picture and don’t just reach for a restructure.

About David Miller

David is a highly experienced and well regarded management consultant with significant industry experience in the public and private sectors including in health, education and technology in the UK, US and New Zealand, having held senior positions with organisations throughout the world.

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About ForeConsulting

ForeConsulting is a New Zealand based management consulting company. Established in 2011, we specialise in working with public and private sector organisations to enhance performance.

ForeConsulting has worked with over 100 organisations. Clients include government agencies, territorial authorities / local government organisations, private enterprises, and industry associations. While based in Wellington, we work across New Zealand.

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